L@@king for the best work and dollar in taiwan esl schools

I need help finding the best company to work for in Taipei or Taizhong.
Any help would be appreciated. Currently, I am a Senior at the University of Tennessee at Martin and I will hold to Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science after graduating.


My dear old momma always told me to “think twice, ask once.”

I assume you are asking about teaching jobs. What’s the best school? Schools vary widely, even within the same chain, and none has popped up as “the best.” Take a look through the archives for lists of schools as well as discussions.

When will you be arriving ?

I want be there until about 2003 August. Well any advice will help.
Just don’t tell Monkey I asked because he thinks I am a moron.


If you aren’t arriving until August then there is no panic. I would say two things though: if you plan to teach legally it is better to arrive before June 1st for tax reasons, and if not, before the start of July when the summer silly season heats up. However, in late Aug you will be in time to catch the new term in Sept.