La Casita Mexican Restaurant

Oh my god my mouth is watering - I’m having me a super burrito this weekend!
Anyone wanna join?


[quote=“hot_dini”]I went there again Wednesday night…and it was great as usual. And then today I see this review in the Taipei Times.

Seems they agree! :smiley:[/quote]

Thank you! I was ready to see if there was a pharmacy somewhere that sold a gum for salsa cravings.

I went there Friday. Not impressed.
Aside from huge portions, the food lacked character, flavour, and pizzaz.
No liberal use of herbs and spices, that’s for sure. No basil, extra jalapenos, lemon, or parsley. No olives, hot cheese poppers, no mole sauce, no red sauce. The refried beans were nothing more than pintos cooked to buggery. And they didn’t serve them with chopped scallions, japs, cheese melted on top and sour cream, either. Even taco bell does that.
Instead we get piles of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cheap cheese.
The margaritas used that crappy cheap white tequilla instead of cuervo, so forget those.
The salsa was the best part, and the guacamole wasn’t bad but both could have been a lot better.
The chili rellenos are NOT. Instead they’re green bell peppers. Yuk!
I suppose people who don’t realise how fabulously mexican food CAN be prepared wouldn’t complain, but those of us who know, will be disappointed.

I give it two stars. For the portion size.

I also went to La Casita over the weekend.

Prior to moving to Taiwan, I ate Mexican food frequently, in and out of Mexico. La Casita’s food isn’t like what you’d get near the border, in south Texas, or in Mexico itself, but I didn’t expect it to be. I was just hoping for something approximating the genuine experience. After all, this is Taipei, right? How authentic is any Chinese food in Europe and North America? Okay, NYC is an exception, but there are basically no Mexican people in Taiwan, whereas there are a shload of Chinese people in every big city in the U.S.

What I got was close enough to make me happy. Sure, the ground beef in my taco should have been shredded beef, the beans were ground pintos, and there were no tamales (the boss lady says she has tamale days from time to time). However, I thought the salsa was great, the guacamole was decent, and the chicken enchiladas were good. My girlfriend’s wet burrito (no double entendre intended) was good too.

I give it a thumbs up, considering the context. Back home, it would fail, but here, it did the job. I’ll be going back.

I have been to La Casita and the super burrito is as close as you are going to get to something out of Pablo’s Taco joint in San Diego. If you want to get a taco in Taiwan, you will never get anything that resembles real Mex. If you know what a real wet burrito should taste like, than only La Casita has got it.

The combo’s on offer at all the Mex places suck! Just stick to a good burrito with good salsa and you can’t go wrong, at La Casita of course. I have been to all the mex joints in Taipei and they are all pretty lame. That includes La Casita. The only difference is that they have a Grande burrito that is a meal in itself and you don’t have rto screw with all the crap that will disappoint you.

So is this place still in business? Seems they have vacated the Chilin Rd. location.


Right before Chinese New Year there was a dispute with the landlord over raising the rent. La Casita will be back.

My boyfriend was in La Casita a couple of months ago or so and the owner said at that time that the rent was too high and they were planning to move to another alley close by. That was a while ago and the old sign is still over the previous restaurant, now empty. She has a history of jumping around town as she has been in several locations since opening so I imagine it

Amy and Roland, the owners, were taking a list of e-mail addresses from us regulars when they shut down a few months ago. I would imagine that they are just in the process of redecorating before opening at another (when last I heard, undetermined) location. Blueface seems to know them well–he must be the guy who comes in and drinks a shitload of margaritas with his wife that the owners were telling me about :wink: .

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Thanks for the info on what happenned to La Casita. I moved to Taipei in January from Kaohsiung and was looking for some good Mexican food.

Read the posts about La Casita and was starving for a big burrito.

Went to La Casita 3 times during Chinese New Year week and all three times it was closed to my dismay, but no sign or explanation, so I just figured they were on vacation. Went back one additional time a couple of weeks later and the place looked deserted.

Now I know why!!



Any updates on where they’ve gone? Amy took my e-mail address down so that she could fill me in on their re-opening, but I’ve heard nothing. I am falling apart here without my salsa and beans.


I just got a phone call from Amy. She reopened this past Saturday nite. The new location is:

Sungchiang Rd, Lane 64, No. 7, 1F (near the Chang An E. Rd intersection)
Tel: 25319246

I’m going by today for a visit (I’ll post a report later with photos) and Tuesday nite I’ll be going for dinner…in case anyone wants to meet.

Halla-fucking-luyah! I was near death from deprivation.

[quote=“blueface666”]I just got a phone call from Amy. She reopened this past Saturday nite. The new location is:

Songjiang Rd, Lane 64, No. 7, 1F (near the Chang An E. Rd intersection)
Tel: 25319264

I’m going by today for a visit (I’ll post a report later with photos) and Tuesday nite I’ll be going for dinner…in case anyone wants to meet.[/quote]

I’d be interested in going…

I called the number to see what their hours are and some guy answered and said it was a wrong number. Do you have the correct number?

Here’s the correct number: 2531-9246.

I also got Amy’s call last week, but haven’t had the chance to go check it out. She told me the seating is very limited, so call first to make reservations.

I just got back from lunch at La Casita. Great! Three tacos (Amy smothered them in jalapenos…yikes!), a burrito and a couple of Coronas. I’ll be back tomorrow nite for a repeat with the little lady…not so little…she’s 9 months pregnant but L-O-V-E-S jalapenos. :laughing:

(L-R) Amy, Roland and Xiao Wan

TEL: 2531-9246

Sorry. :blush: It’s 2531-9246