La Petite Cuisine

Has anyone been to this french restaurant at Shuang Cheng Street? Thinking of going there this weekend. Are there any set menus for lunch and dinner? How’s the dessert menu? Are they near any MRT stations?

Check following for the nearest MRT station

nearest is minsheng w rd.

I had lunch there a couple of months ago with my girlfriend. It was outstanding. There were three fixed menus that day and we splurged on the middle and higher priced of the three. Although it was lunch, the dishes and leisurely pace at which the courses were served would have been suited to a dinner meal (a good thing unless you’re rushing back to the office). The service was excellent. Standout courses included a carpaccio of garoupa(?), a taglatelle with scampi, and something a bit different but tasty was a fried zuchini flower with a sort of terrine inside. I can’t remember what we had for dessert, but I’m not a huge sweets fan - I vaguely remember it was very good. The menu changes regularly, and they post the set menus outside the door. (I live nearby and enjoy checking out the menu when I occasionally pass by, though can’t afford to eat there very often – but will definitely do so again.)

I went there a long time ago. The main chef happened to be on vacation. :frowning: It was still excellent.

Rotalsnart, thanks for sharing your dining exprience! Could you advise which is the nearest MRT station to the restaurant? Do they have a website?

I think Yuanshan is actually the closest MRT stop, but it will still be a brisk ten minute walk or so. Don’t know if they have a website yet. They seem to have kept an amazingly low profile considering Justine Quek, their chef, was evidently one of the most highly regarded innovative French cuisine chefs in Singapore. I don’t eat French style cuisine often in Taipei, but have been here 17 years and have eaten at least once or twice in most of the French style restaurants (including the hotels). I’d say this was at least on a par with Paris 1930.

Correction to my earlier post, “Justin” Quek should be without the “e” – i.e. it is “his” little kitchen. One of these days, I’ll start back in on the French lessons.

Anyone have the name of the restaurant? Exact address? Telephone number?

La Petite Cuisine
45, Shuangcheng Str.

info found on Internet, so don’t blame if it’s wrong.
Considering that street is in the area known as the Combat Zone, I guess the closest MRT station would be either Yuanshan or Minquan West Rd.

I haven’t been there yet, but as a red-blooded American, I can tell you the name of the place is an instant turn off. I’d be much more interested in a place known as
La Grande Cuisine

A french guy told me it was good