Lab-Grown Meat Goes on Sale For the First Time


Mmmm, bioreactors. :drooling_face:


Honestly, this is good. It means I can compromise less on meat eating and opens up variety in dating. Is that girl worried about killing animals? Fine we buy the nokill version and we can have meat together.

This cuts off PETA at the knees.


That doesn’t sound like ethical treatment. :open_mouth:


PETA may act like animals sometimes, but they are not biologically animals.


People aren’t animals? :thinking:

Not in conventional usage, no. Animals are often distinguished as non-human members of the Animalia kingdom.

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Ah man, I guess the live in pod, eat bug thing was all just a big ruse.
I’ll eat a bio-nug sign me up. GMO and food industry science actually going to make the future more food secure.

Fully support this and have for years. I would not eat it myself.
I would hedge a bet your average Big Mac would not taste any different with lab grown meat in it.
I look forward to lab grown leather, fur, etc… No need to keep those animals in misery too.
But there will always be a demand for the real thing from those with money no doubt.

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Salt and spices, herbs do the job.

I’d go for PETA ain’t people.

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I thought it stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.

I wonder how it tastes.

I imagine the fat content will be a major differentiator.

Also terroir will become a topic, which I will file next to the dozens of unnecessary articles over-explaining “umami” from several years ago.

I’ll bite. Tastes like chicken maybe?

Good , great news. I can eat meat without feeling guilty about animal welfare. I hope it does not mean piggies go extinct though.

Will it stop the Exotic animal meat trade that weird Chinese and others think will give you special benefits.
Yes? then I’m up for it.

Revolting progress. There’s something deeply wrong with this, but it’s hard to pin it down ethically. Foetal bovine serum doesn’t sound nice, although they propose replacing that in the next production line.

I’ll still to the veggie fare, thanks.


Even chicken has a varied taste and texture.