Lab-Grown Meat Goes on Sale For the First Time

You are fools if you think Big Nut will stop at taking away your beloved meats, once that’s gone they’ll be after your precious labmeat as well.

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Don’t eat meat sliced from the artificial ‘cancer blob’.

The article is filled with misleading statements, half truths and straight up lies

To put this in context, one restaurant in one country will sell this. It’s still incredibly expensive.

It says the cells didn’t come from a chicken, but came from a cell bank. That’s a half truth. The original cell still had to come from a chicken. And that’s a weird point for them to fixate on anyway.

It also says the ingredients (cell culture media) are from plants. Yet the very next paragraph says it uses fetal bovine serum… decidedly not plant origin. Almost every cell needs FBS or a similar mixture in order to grow in culture. If you go ‘serum free’ then you need recombinant proteins which are incredibly expensive. I am not aware of any solution for this problem yet, so the commercial viability of cultured ‘meat’ is very low. The number of cells you need to grow for even one burger is absolutely enormous.

IMO the meat alternatives made from mushrooms and plants are much more promising.

Edit: they also should not be allowed to call this ‘meat’, ‘chicken’ etc. That is misleading customers, which is not a valid viewpoint when it comes to giving people a choice. If people want to choose this, great. But it should be an informed choice, not trickery.


Mushrooms and fungi are incredibly understudied and have a bright future ahead of them. Mushroom will help save us. Or, mushroom might also kill us, because they’re starting to appear in people’s blood in separate places around the world.

Radiolab did a story on it if you want the breakdown.

Some above points are smack on. Mushroom, insect and plant bases and sources are currently what makes the most sense for a worldwide food source. Overpopulation and food waste are the other elephants in the room but no one likes talking about thos (as most of us are supremely guilty).

If a food source has an FCR of 10:1 it should be eliminated as a staple. Quite frankly, anything with such poor efficiency should be legally forced to be an additive and not an actual “food”.

On top oft that packaging needs to change. Buying 10g of chips packed in 30g of platsic is moronic.

On top of that if you are ok eating mcdonalds, you have no right saying one word if i take your dog, whip it for the year, while starving it, followed by force feed ing it to get its cuts right, break its legs and cut off its balls without any medicine or medical training. Then i kill it whichever way i want and string it up for the graders to sell and bbq it. If you are ok with dogs, cats and monkeys being treated as such, after being stuffed in jail cells they can hardly move in, then go ahead and eat meat. At least your honest. Sellfish, but honest. People in the 95% range, please open your eyes and read about how your food is made. Plant based food is normally shit too, in the "developed " world. Just because something isnt 100% perfect on all fronts to all people, doesnt mean it isnt better than 0%. Choose a point of dignity and go with it. Taste isnt it. Be it animal cruelty, environmnet, human starvation etc etc. Find a point that is a positive gain towards everything, work on that. When you are fluent with said concept, work on the next one. Striving towards progressive success and moral backings shouldnt be so contested as it is…

Ps. Millenials, progressive doesnt mean left wing or some US political bs. It means progress aka everyone benfits. Being anti progressive literally means anti human, anti earth and seemingly almost suicidal.


Destroying rain forest to grow soy in Brazil and exporting to China is equally dumb.

Unless you’re a soy tycoon. Then it’s just good business.


Not sure why people dont start paying attention to science.

Invertebrate+fungi+plant supplements will be the end game on sustainable nutirtion sources. at least until some amazing new tech can turn simple elements into complex foods without the slow process of rearing/cultivating. Thats our grandchildrens generation probably. For now though Question is, how long until people accept it…?

Tearing down ancient ecosystems for meager short term profits is the definition of idiocy. And numerous civilizations have boomed and doomed on exactly this same principle. in fact, even the amazonian ones…how ironic and ignorant of us to do it again in such a short time frame. And we cant even claim ignorance anymore as the info is widely available to everyone, yet we still like cheap crap from the other side of the planet created from the death beds of millenia aged territories’ demise.

Feeling intelligent? Still just monkeys…

Lab grown meat the science and the cost!

Creating Covid-19 Vaccines is a similar process!

Interesting stuff.

Bioreactor is just a fancy name for a fermenter.