LAB restaurant/bar/club - A new spot for hip-hop

If you like hip-hop (not just mainstream stuff) and Mexican, American, & Vietnamese food…

LAB spins the full spectrum of hip-hop & rnb: mainstream, underground, indie, classics. LAB DJs are from Taiwan, Canada, and the U.S.A.

LAB features American, Mexcian, and Vietnamese (Pho!) food. Drink specials include sake bombs, beer boat races, and LAB cocktails.

WED-Hip-hop house party nights (kegs, free snacks & watermelon vodka)
THURS-Ladies nights (free drinks for ladies until midnight)
FRI-pre-funk Fridays to jumpstart your weekend (LAB teaming up with Liquid Lifestyle–coming soon!)
SAT-Get Crunk’d and leave the week’s troubles behind (LAB drink specials)

LAB restaurant/bar/club
ZhongXiao E. Road Section 4, Lane 181, Alley 35, #19
T: 02-2771-1178

Is there enough room in the place to do flares and windmills with out knocking people out?

there’s room for anything hip-hop culture related. and if you can’t dance, LAB will be starting up hip-hop dance classes; trying to progress and develop hip-hop in Taipei.

Is that really a good idea?

Is there a maximum weight/belly size limit to join the Hip Hop classes?

Dress code?

I don’t have anything in my closet like this:

Start 'em young on dat hip-hop wardrobe…

has anyone noticed hip-hop in taipei is pretty much limited to the stereotypes in the reply posts above? so why not try to expand hip-hop in taipei? otherwise we’ll be seeing a whole lotta exposed butt cheeks everywhere. cuz it is expanding one way or another whether you like it or not.

I will join your classes but only if Sandman joins me!

If you expand it, will it remain truly hip hop, or will it become some type of fusion thing? What will the purists say about that?

I don’t mind seeing the exposed butt cheeks of pretty girls.

Well, then I guess there isn’t much I can do about it.


hip-hop is expanding in nearly every part of the globe with different people adding on to it. hip-hop is influenced by and incorporates all types of things. it’s like a bastard child of all types of stuff.
so who’s to say what is and what isn’t hip-hop. the hip-hop in japan is unique to the hip-hop in germany, which is unique to the hip-hop in the states. but surely you’ll find that the hip-hop anywhere has a common foundation and roots.

Why not? That’s what LAB is doing–introducing more to the taipei hip-hop scene other than some hip-Pop or wannabe thug/gangsta mentality. Just trying to do some thangs!

[quote=“Tigerman”]Dress code?

I don’t have anything in my closet like this:


What?!?! :astonished: But your sig says you are “highly fashionable”.

Now I am seriously doubting the veracity of that statement. :noway:


well, i say more power to you!

i hope to stop by some night soon.

taipei needs more musical diversity and we all need to share our love.

best of luck!

Man, screw the haters, I’ll probably go take a look one Friday night. Nothing wrong with a good bit of funk.

People just love to hate new and foreign things. The irony. Thanks for the support!

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I was there a couple of weeks ago. Ambience was pretty cool, but the music was a little on the loud side for dinner time. I had a burger, and it wasn’t what I hoped for, but Goose Egg seemed to enjoy his, so maybe it was just me. Anyway, the music was good!

We’ll be sure to get the burger to your liking next time. Glad you enjoyed the music!

The site’s drop-down menu has a heading called “substance.” Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on it and there was no mention of any substances.

Sorry we don’t have the type of substances you’re looking for. Can’t please all the people, all the time.

So will Hip Hop be playing tomorrow? Will there be room for me to do windmills and flares?