Labor Insurance with ARC

Does anyone know if your school must provide Labor Insurance for 1 year ARC holders?
If so, we can maybe claim some benefits.

yes, labor insurance is required by law as far as I know. but it only covers accidents at work, you won’t be eligible for any other benefits like unemployment or retirement.


Insurance Benefits

If your school is an insurance unit, you should be insured, iiuc.
If there is anyone who is insured, your school may be most probably an insurance unit.

If you are older than 65 years old at you retirement, you are eligible for old-age benefit, pension or lump-sum.

Strange, my big language school chain doesn’t provide Labor Insurance or Health insurance because we are not full-time employees. They even have a clause in the contract to that effect.

Also, we had a visit from the government Labor Bureau and I asked this question and the lady said that I am considered a part-time worker, so not eligible. Very weird situation

How many hours were you working? How many hours are you working now?

Iiuc, labor insurance doesn’t distinguish part-time and full-time. It might be possible that the lady talked on other insurances, though.
If your ARC is not supported by your employer, and your contract is a commission contract, they might not need to provide the insurances.

You could ask to Bureau of Labor Insurance.

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Thanks! The system seems very complex…especially to me

About 15 hours a week

That was before or after covid closures?

To be considered a part time employee & avoid paying the labor insurance an employee should be paid daily or every 5 hours. - something on these lines.


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When I had an ARC I got health insurance through the school/bushiban but lost that when I converted to an APRC

It’s good you have the aprc. You have work now or it’s all dried up?

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Either it’s getting lost in translation, or there is deliberate obfuscation going on.

There is a misconception that anyone who is not a full-time employee/worker is not an employee/worker, period. This is false. What matters is the type of contractual relationship, not the hours of work. Also, your residency status is irrelevant in determining whether or not labor insurance is compulsory for you.

We were just discussing this in another thread btw.

You can ask the Bureau of Labor Insurance about your contract, but in my experience you’re likely to get better service talking to your local labor department.

If you have a normal work permit through a buxiban, the buxiban must (contractually) give you at least 6 hours of work (including lesson prep) per week if it’s your second, third or fourth work permit (while holding a permit with a main buxiban employer), or at least 14 hours per week if it’s your first one (the main one).

And if you have a normal buxiban work permit, it’s very likely that your employer has filed a normal-looking buxiban teacher contract with the Workforce Development Agency in order to obtain that work permit, and a normal buxiban teacher contract makes you a worker within the meaning of the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Insurance Act, ergo the buxiban must register you for labor insurance if it is already a labor insurance unit, which it is if it has any other workers registered for labor insurance or ever has had any (or has established a labor insurance unit even though it hasn’t gotten around to registering any workers).

If you have a normal buxiban teacher contract but work fewer than 6 hours per week because as an APRC holder you do not need a normal work permit, you are still legally a worker employed by the buxiban.

It is possible for a buxiban to hire you as a mandatary (independent contractor) with a so-called commission contract, but if push comes to shove, both parties will have headaches trying to prove what type of contract it really is, regardless of the title of the document.

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It’s a one-year contract including one clause " this school is not liable pursuant to Labor Insurance nor liable for Health Insurance cover for the employee"
Which is a get-out seemingly illegal according to regulations.

If you are a spouse of a citizen, you must be in employment insurance in most case.

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No work for about 2 months…it’s boring…zzz

It’s been boring as hell for me too. If I didn’t have my wife and daughter to bother I’d be going crazy. The dog, squirrel, and gold fish also keep me occupied. Otherwise so miserable.