Labour Affairs Bureau Query

I have worked in a bi-lingual kindi for 6 months. My ARC is for the schools anchinban. For a while now I have been having problems with my school. They have a high turn over of staff, foreign and Chinese teachers alike. To cut a long story short my Chinese teacher told them today that she will quit because she doesn’t want to work with me. Basically, the choice she gave them is me or her.
I would like to check, just in case I am fired if I could seek help from the Labour Affairs Bureau on the grounds of unfair dismissal? I am not sure where I stand because of working in a kindi, would they help me or deport me??
In my contract it states I should be given three written warnings before I can be fired, I have none. But I do worry as I’ve seen many things not done by the book here.
Any advice would be welcome.

First, they won’t admit that you’re working in a kindergarten. That’s illegal. What they are doing is using the bushiban to get your ARC and that’s illegal also. Also, your contract doesn’t help you much in terms of monetary compensation unless your willing to put up a big fight. I would go get another work permit from another school so that if they cut your work permit at your present school, your still OK. Whatever you do, don’t sign anything saying that you teach at the kindergarten.

I would like to know if the Chinese teacher’s name is Karen and if she used to work for Living Dewey. If it is, then she does this at every school she works at.