Labour Bureau Can't be Arsed to Help


Chinese teacher fired from kindi job with one days notice because school wants to hire foreign face instead.

Chinese teacher wants severance pay in accordance with Taiwan Labour laws and tells incoming foreign teacher that the school is direputable and hiring him illegally.

Chinese teacher goes to Labour Bureau and affirms that severance pay is owed.

Kindi owner livid and refuses to pay. Then, threatens to counter-sue for child abuse if Chinese teacher persists.

Labour Bureau advises Chinese teacher to drop the matter since the kindi owners are deciding to play hard-ball.

One more stellar example of Taiwan’s bureacratic response to doing their jobs: “Tai ma-fan!”

Fuck Taiwan.

Chinese teacher will have to go to Apple Daily. Preferably with tape recording.

Could also try independent labour rights organisations e.g. the Labour Rights Association

sojourner wrote:

Easy now mate. It’s not “fuck Taiwan”, it’s more like fuck the kindy owner and fuck the Labour Bureau. No? :laughing: