Lacklustre links forum

I love browsing through other people’s fave websites. I’ve found loads of great stuff spread about in the discussion forums. I bet most people here have quite a long list in the ‘My favorites’ bar in their browser. It would be great if they could share them.

Therefore, I think the links section needs to include a wider variety of categories. Yes, have the serious useful stuff, but also let people share lists of fave sites and also lists of ‘weird and wonderful’ stuff of particular interest they have come across on the net. Each link on a list would need to have a concise description of the site’s contents.

I think there shouild also be some scope for discussion of the sites listed. People can say if they like them or not, or add comments or further related links.
Maybe to increase use of the links section it could be moved into the general Discussions area, maybe an ‘On the Web’ sub-section of ‘Tech in Taiwan’.

I’m not sure exactly how an improved links forum would look or work but I definitely think something needs to be done.
In the meantime, send me your fave websites - love’em, love’em love 'em!

I’m glad you continue to offer suggestions on improving the website. Please keep them coming.

Although this is obvious to some of us, it’s worth repeating that we are constrained by what I like to call the Three T’s: Time, Technology and something-else-that-begins-with-T-but-I’m-drawing-a-complete-blank-right-now (Two T’s doesn’t sound catchy, and instead sounds as though they should be followed by “Frutti”)

Time: I passed responsibility of the website to Maoman’s capable hands because my work committments are building up. I still try to pitch in now and then with tweaks and tucks. Maoman also maintains a hectic daily schedule, so between the two of us, change on the website will happen slowly or in spurts.

Technology: as a phpBB-based forum maintained by someone who isn’t terribly up-to-date in the programming world, Forumosa is limited to what hacks and modifications are found in other phpBB development websites. If you see a useful improvement on etc, please post them here for us to consider. (I use the word “useful” loosely here – but if you wanted us to install, say, the Camel hack, you might encounter resistance. Then again, if you catch us at the right time, we might just go for it)

I hope the long delays in implementing these changes don’t discourage you so much. Keep the ideas coming and any leads to how we might implement them



Take a look and think about how it could work for you, it works great for me

Nice one Bassman! That’s just the sort of thing I want. Big guanxi heading your way. :slight_smile: