Lacrosse in taipei

Hi, I need to find some lacrosse players in Taipei. I’ve played and coached my entire life, and now I’m moving to Taiwan in July. Is there anyone there who plays? I’ll start it up if I have to. Just coming off of my 16th season as a coach, and I’m going to miss it tremendously. If you’re out there, let’s get together and play. I’m bringing my gear, some sticks, and a 3 x 3! If you’ve never played before, I’ll teach you. But I need lacrosse - it really is a part of me. Looking forward to hearing from you. :thumbsup:

Try here.

Thanks for your help, find me if you want to play lacrosse sometime.


Just moved to Kaohsiung but would be interested in coming up to Taipei for some lacrosse in the future. Played mostly indoor including a year with the Minnesota Swarm in the NLL. Please email me if you get something going. Did not bring my gear but could get it send if we have something going. Lots of other Canadians and Americans in Kaohsiung so I am sure there are a few other Laxers out there.


Hi! I am a senior high school student in Taipei. I’m starting a lacrosse club at school, and I need to find someone to coach us.
If anyone here is interested please contact me. I’m a member of that facebook group posted above, so please inbox me if you are also in that group.