Lady Big Foot - big shoes for women

Know where I can find some large ladies shoes? Before pregnancy I wore a size 38, but now I need a 41 at least. Taiwan sizes. And no, my feet aren’t still swolen. They’re just huge! I’ve looked in department stores, chain shoe stores, and the night markets. No one has anything over 39. I’m getting pretty despearte, thing of looking at men’s shoes, but men hardly every wear femanine footware, at least not men I know, and I’ve never seen any in the men’s shoes depatment. I’d rather not have to wear men’s dress shoes with my dresses. So what’s a big foot girl to do?

Did I miss something? Are you expecting a baby? We really should set up a Forumosa playdate one of these days.

I suggest shopping online. I can’t remember the store I shopped at oneline a couple of years back, they shipped internationally and carried lots of brands, midrange to designer stuff. I’ve also bought shoes online at… new with tag, that kind of thing. Sucks that you can’t try shoes on, but if you already have a brand that you like, style you like, it’s not too bad.

mens shoes eh?

i guess you could always ask the male cross-dressers where they get their shoes from… maybe they’re custom made

Braxton, My baby is a couple days shy of 8 months old now. I’ve been seriously a stay at HOME mom since giving birth, but now that I’m trying to work a little again, the shoes are an issue. A play date would be so nice! PM me, please, if your serious. Thanks.

And all the male cross dressers I’ve seen here have smaller feet than I. :blush:

Large shoes and clothing for men and women can be found at this store:
自然主義 Naturalism
中山北路七段24號B1 Zhong1shan1 N. Rd. Sec. 7, #24, B1
M-Sat 1p-10p
Sun 11a-10p
very good on intl shipments

See also this thread on large shoes:

Saw this shop in Tainan. Might be a chain.

Sandy Ho, big shoes for ladies

SandyHo 大尺碼女鞋-台南店
No. 71號, Section 2, Ximen Road, West Central District, Tainan

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Yeah, you’d think there wouldn’t be much of a market in Taiwan.


Taipei girls’ feet are fucking HUGE.
I chalk it up to inbreeding, like the pervasive myopia.

I don’t want to see the Attack of the 50-foot Woman who can’t find canoes that fit, man. :noway:

I haven’t seen many. Small sample size, but my wife’s are tiny.

EDIT: She’s not from Taipei, so irrelevant sample.

Sometimes I can’t find shoes small enough for my stupid feet and have to special order them. This was always a problem in the US, but I’m surprised to still encounter it as frequently as I do here.

Yeah, I specifically meant Taipei.
Down south girls’ paws tend to be much smaller.

I never noticed until a guy who used to post here pointed it out, and it’s really true.

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I can’t see more than a hand’s width away from my face without corrective vision. But I ain’t no inbred…

I’ve got this image in my mind of a body building Snoopy with massive biceps, tiny feet, and big glasses.

Suffice it to say I have a distinctive look.

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