Lamas of Tibetan Buddhism - What is this?

Signs on the side of a building in Taipei. What is going on here?

Some Buddhist sects have a big problem with Tibetan Buddhism because of Tantric practices and a number of sexual abuse scandals involving high-level Lamas.

正覺 is ran by this guy:

Not an actual monk mind you.

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Oh, the irony.

It is also worrisome how difficult it is to find a photo of this guy. I mean he’s name is used all over the organization’s materials. Yet, when looking for a photo of him, it’s always some rando dude from the organization and not actually him.

It does appear that for the last decade, the organization worked very hard to gain a following in China, and as such had to suck up pretty hard to the Chinese government.

And given the way the Party is starting to persecute Buddhists now, it’s good to have a scapegoat handy.

The organization has videos dedicated of Hsiao’s life experiences, and throughout the entire video there isn’t even a photo of him, let along video footage. It’s pretty odd.

Maybe he owes money to the mob and wants to keep a low profile.

Checkout the organization’s official intro page to Hsiao

only a photo of his supposed back.

Looks like a cult. :thinking:

He’s the shadow man. Does not exist.

Oh, and here’s a picture of a real llama for you.

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Even more ironic when you consider the English translations of his books are signed “Venerable” and the Chinese is even worse: 導師.