Lame Scooter/Motorbike Model Names

Most people on this rock seem to own a scooter and they all have to seem to have the lamest model names. What are they?

My monster (should’ve read piece of crap) is called a Fuzzy. I think one time I owned a Duke.

Two scooter names come to mind:

This was one that I had to do a double take when i read it. Had a great time imagining the ads for it. “Honey, I’ve been having such a great time riding the Dick all day.” “But dear, is it strong enough for you? I think you need the bigger Dick.” etc.

“The Dreaming Touring Motor with Spanking”
I’ll let someone else imagine the ads for this one.

[quote]“I think you need a bigger Dick.”[/quote]I get that all time, But I don’t own a scooter :?

Mine’s a Dragfire. I try not to think about it too much.