Laminar flow hood/professional micron/HEPA filter?

I going to need a laminar flow hood or at least a professional micron/HEPA filter(I’d like to get this more because it is the cheaper option). The shop in Taipei was pretty good about working with me, but the different shop I work with in Taichung near Chung Hsing University is just difficult.

So how would I ask forthe following in Chinese?
laminar flow hood-
professional micron/HEPA filter-


Hi, that would be a bit tricky… for one, I live in Okinawa now, and for two, I don’t speak Chinese. HEPA filter would probably be recognisable by the acronym, though.

using a small HEPA filter and a vacuum cleaner running backwards, you might be able to knock up a reasonable small flow hood yourself. many vacuum cleaners these days use HEPA filters, as do air conditioners. perhaps you could start looking there for one. the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner would need to be baffled twice, once through a bulk disruptor and then through a perforated plate directly onto the work area. Most lab ones are a good six feet wide, which is overkill for a small sterile workspace.

use a UV fluorescent tube turned on at all times except when the hood is flowing to keep the hood sterile inside.


Laminar flow hood:层流净化罩
(professional) micron filter:(專業)微过滤

(Gods of Google.)