Lan parties

Does Lan parties exist in Taiwan? if so where can I find out how to attend? Given theres a bunch of mini systems available around here they got to be real useful for lan parties…

You might be interested to know that tomorrow and Sunday, the national finals of the World Cyber Games will be held in World Trade Center Hall 3.

It is open to the public to come and spectate, and should be the best place to meet people interested in LAN gaming.

You’ll also get to have a good look at some of those mini systems, and if you find the foreigner looking pissed off because he has to work on his weekend, I’ll even give you a full technical run down of how they work.

That’s my work done for the day. (Goes off to read BBC News)

miltownkid is so there. I’ll be heading off after Jujitsu to have a look see for a sec.