Lance is back!

He hates crits, and with good reason: there’s no better way to stuff up a season with a collarbone right at the first race! the course was less difficult than previous years (less sharp corners and wider turns), which would have helped.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the clash between him and contador (both in the Astana team) pans out.

Seven times is really enough. Im tired of Lance. Bugger off already. :pray:

Here we go again.

Lance Armstrong, left, captured the Nevada City Classic in June. He will begin his quest for his eighth victory in the Tour de France on Saturday.

The guy has zero life outside of bike riding.

IS 7 not enough?

3rd place, 8 seconds behind the leader before heading to the tough stages in the Alps.

Already talking about next year.

Is this victory in the bag or will he choke in the mountains?

[quote=“tommy525”]The guy has zero life outside of bike riding.

IS 7 not enough?[/quote]

I follow Armstrong on Twitter. He writes a lot, which is cool. Meeting Nike CEO, having fun with Robin Williams in the team bus, sounds like he has much life outside bike riding.

I have never been a big fan of him, but he’s got balls (he he, pun intended) to come back.

What I will never believe is that he won 7 times without illegal help, not when his main rivals have, without much doubt, been doping. He can’t be better than all those cheaters without cheating himself. It’s impossible.

Since I started this thread my opinion of the guy dropped dramatically after the last TDF.

In any event, he’s out of the Tour of California.

[quote]Lance Armstrong is out of the Tour of California after a crash that left him with bruising on his left elbow and a cut under his left eye that required stitches.

Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, was among a group of cyclists including fellow American Levi Leipheimer who crashed as the road narrowed about 5 miles (8 kilometers) into stage 5 of the eight-day race. . .

Armstrong was using the Tour of California as a tune-up for the Tour de France, which begins July 3. He was in a group of riders who were 27 seconds behind leader David Zabriskie through four stages.[/quote]