Land ownership rights for marriage ARC holders

For a long time I have been interested in purchasing a plot of land. I’ve had the funds ready to go for a while but have never made any steps towards it. I’m curious about the steps I must go through to buy.

For reference, I am married to a Taiwanese and have a marriage ARC. I hold a British passport.

I understand that "You can buy residential (not commercial) property if you hold an Alien Registration Card and if Taiwan nationals are able to buy property in your home country."

  • What are the steps for buying land that I have seen advertised online?

  • Is land included in the term ‘residential property’?

  • How can I know if the land is protected as aboriginal land?

  • Do I need to apply for permission from the government to purchase land?

Sorry for posting on Forumosa so much. After three years of being here I only recently discovered this site and it has been quite useful to ask all the things I’ve had floating around my head for a few years.

Go to the nearest real estate agency
Ask those questions
He/She will answer

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I think your forgetting we are in Taiwan.

Been there, done that. They know nothing when it comes to foreigners buying property/land.

Most real estate agents I’ve spoken to just say “Oh, foreigners can’t buy property”, which is wrong.

Foreigners cannot buy agricultural land under our names - there are limitations for locals too and a house on premises cannot excede a certain percentage of the whole parcel.

Forest and aboriginal lands obviously out of reach too.

Hence, depends on the type of land.

The real estate agent can apply for your permission to buy normal land, and either them or a daisu can check the kind of land.

Good luck.

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No worries. :slight_smile:

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Arab Palace + land is up for grabs.