Land Zones

Hi. I searched for this and couldn’t find anything about it. If it’s already been discussed, please direct me to the thread.

The wife and I are looking at a new apartment complex in Zhonghe. It’s a huge pre-sale community that won’t be complete until 2007.

Everything looks great, except that the land is “zoned for factories”. I’m assuming this would be called an industrial zone in the west.

The gist of the discussions on the local message boards and through word of mouth is this:

  • The land is definitely zoned industrial
  • It is unlawful to sell a residential building/unit on land other than that zoned for residences
  • The price of this complex is cheaper because it is industrial land
  • You are crazy to buy this because you will never be able to sell it
  • It’s a great buy because nobody really cares about zoning

Anyway, the people at the sales office are completely upfront about this. They straight out told us that it is industrial land (they even sell this concept by saying that the construction is thus held to higher standards). However, it is clearly being sold for residence (beds in the show suites, swimming pool, kiddie land, etc).

My question: what are the risks of buying such a place? Is all this an everybody-does-it kind of thing or would I risk losing the place in the future because of some obscure zoning law.

Thanks in advance.

My friend bought a 2 bedroom there and he thinks there is no problem at all bec. if there is a problem the govt here will for sure see to it first.

BTW if you dont mind how much per ping they are offering you? and are you also looking for 2 or 3 bedrooms there? my friend just would like to know

And he also said that the catch in there is free autobike parking, and very close to the nearest mall that is buing built right now.

Thanks for your help.

They’ve got 165,000 per ping on the table now. One of the better units, 3 bedrooms, medium size (I forget the exact pings), overlooking the courtyard.

i think the better unit is facing the swimming pool, what is your wife comments about it? will you buy it?

Well, for resale the inside may be better because there are rumors of tombs on that mountain in the back. I haven’t seen any.

Also, we like the inside better becase we think it will be less noisy from traffic or future developments.

As far as I know, the outside is a bit cheaper…we’re still thinking.

the tomb cant be seen bec it in the back, and my fren told me that it is a park and many people go there to exercise. and he told me its the most expensive part facing the mountain coz you will have fresh air.