Landed in Forumosa

You sure you’re not affiliated with China’s Communist Youth League? :whistle:

Oh please, not every automaton is Communist.

You mean me?

I am from Singapore. Visit my forum you should be able to tell what I do. :wink:

Say that again. Almas, I checked out sincity’s forum and could not understand a word of what was going on there. Not a word…but I liked the most recent user ‘tainancaobai’. Nice![/quote]

Sincity Forum’s language is decided by online participants of Singapore at current who are mostly from a techie forum where English is ‘modified’.

So it’s not unusual for outsiders to find the language funny.[/quote]
I didn’t find it funny…I didn’t understand it.[/quote]

If only we have more of you to join the forum, then we will have a group of people with another perspective.