Landing Visa Blues

My visa is expiring in January and am going to do a two hour turnaround in Hong Kong. My questions is how many landing visas can I get. Is there a set limit or is it unlimited. I’ve never had any Landing visas in my passport and an using a brand new passport as well. Thank you.

last time i had a landing visa it was good for five years. had to leave every thirty days. as you know, a landing visa CANNOT be used to apply for an ARC. holders of a landing visa must leave taiwan, obtain a regular visa and then may continue on with the application process.

Skeptic Yank (and anyone else), are you sure about that?

I just advised someone of that too, (IE that he can’t just turn around in HK, he’ll have ot go get a visitor visa), but when I think back on it, I’m pretty sure than when I got my work visa, I just did the turnaround and got a landing visa.

Anyone know for sure?