Landing Visa - Query

Does anyone know if it is possible for an Irish or Australian passport holder to obtain the 2 week landing visa at CKS? I just need it for a 24 hour stop over and don’t want to spend the time in CKS.

I have done the Google search - but the answers tend to be US centric.

Yes you can. You’ll get a fortnight landing visa free of charge. Cheers Amos.

Amos is right.
14 days. It’s free and no forms to fill out. Unless you look like Bin Laden you won’t have any hassles.

If I remember it right, it’s actually called a visa exemption. Don’t confuse it with a 4 week landing visa which you have to get at the visa office at CKS before you go through immigration and which will cost you 2000 NT and a couple of passport pictures. God knows, I was completely confused with visa exemptions, landing visas, visitors visas etc.

For the visa exemption, ignore the visa office at CKS and just walk straight to immigration. They may or may not ask how long you intend to stay, they never asked me when I travelled here for months in a row. The only form you’ll have to fill in is the usual landing form they’ll give out in the airplane.


Good work Iris. Spot on the ball.

Hi all thanks for the info. Finally found the relevant website

Seems the advice so far is ok for the Aus passport - but Ireland still not listed for either landing or exempt.