Landing Visas for ROC Passports?

I am currently holding 2 passports, US and ROC, although I’ve never used the ROC, always entering Taiwan on my US. Now, I want to get my ID card, and I was told I need to enter on my ROC passport. Funny thing is that when I got the ROC passport, they stamped a visitor visa inside it. First question is why do I need a visa if I am holding the passport? U.S. passport holders don’t need a visa to visit the states. My problem is that the visa has expired. Do I need one? I’m assuming so because they gave me one before. Can I get a landing visa at the airport? Or do I have to go to a TECO office? I believe that the nearest one is in Guam.

I was in a similar situation in June 2004. What the SF TECO office explained to me is that you enter Taiwan with your ROC passport. With the stamp in the passport, you take it to the Household Registration Bureau who uses that stamp to begin your Taiwan ID registration process. Basically, you need that entry stamp in order for the HRC process to kick start. You should double check this with whichever TECO office you intend to get another entry visa.

I figured as much. Well, I guess I’m off to Guam then. I hear it’s nice.

If you’re in Taiwan at the moment, then you should check with your local Household Registration Bureau. Get exactly what they need to begin processing your Taiwan ID paperwork. That way, there is no confusion when you leave and come back, you’ll have all documents ready for them to do it.


Thanks! Yeah, I was suppose to go tomorrow/today… Gotta wait out the typhoon.