Landslides / Rockslides

Reaching out beyond the cycling forum, here’s that Nantou rockslide again:

I found it interesting as it was a dry rockslide, and I’d not come across one of those before (my first thought, when I came round the corner and the small stones were gently glissading, was that there was a team of workers high up on the face).

The blue truck local told me that the weather had been too dry lately, and there wasn’t enough ‘rock glue’ to hold the stones together.

It was noon, had been a warm sunny morning, and the slope had only just started to become active.
The skies started to cloud over about 1pm, and that ‘seemed’ to coincide with the face quietening down. When I crossed at 1.15, it was completely cloudy and the face was almost inactive. Am I right in thinking it was all triggered by thermal expansion of the loose rocks?

Other tales of landslide encounters very welcome :thumbsup:.