Language class for ADVANCED learner? NTU, NTNU or NCCU?

Hi all,
I am planning to go to Taiwan next year to study Mandarin and am seeking some advice. I did search through many old threads about the 3 universities in question, but I could only find people discussing the beginner-intermediate level.

I studied Chinese for 3-4 years at a US university and I studied abroad in China 3 times, including an extremely intensive program. I can read about 2500 characters (although I’m better at simplified, I can pretty much read both simplified and traditional) and have no problems with following daily conversations and even reading most newspapers.

However, my writing and speaking is pretty unnatural, and there are TONS of words and grammar constructions I still don’t know, especially more formal grammar and Chinese proverbs(chengyu). I can’t read a book geared towards adults without repeatedly looking up phrases/words, and there are still plenty of times in conversation when I use overly simplistic words because I can’t express sophisticated thoughts. I wouldn’t feel comfortable working as a translator or interpreter, or giving a lecture in Chinese, for example.

Thus I am looking for a university which offers high level courses that would be suitable for my situation.
I have asked several people and everyone says that NTU, NTNU and NCCU are all excellent choices.
Does anyone on this forum have any impressions about which one would be best for an advanced learner of Chinese, rather than a beginner/intermediate level?

After more searching I found this post, but it’s from 2003. Hopefully considering the increased popularity of studying Chinese over the past 10 years that things have improved since then: h … 40&t=44618

Where did you end up going?

I’m an advanced learner as well and am looking to improve my Chinese, including business Chinese

Where would you recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile: