Language Club, best way to post recordings from class and allow students to post redo's


I’m hosting a GEPT practice group. In the past kids did not take this kind of oral practice seriously until we introduced recorded feedback. It’s works but it’s only good in class. They went from mumbling to pronouncing things well. Heck they even are starting to use the correct inflections.

At home they became lazy again. I want to post their in class exercises . I’d also like them to perhaps submit corrections or improvements. I get to give them oral in class practice only once a week and I feel the gains are erased.
Right now, I’m using a closed group in Facebook. It’s kind of annoying because I have to make the file into a video file.
Each video is posted on the timeline and there is not much control of the order the videos show up.

Is there a site or a tool that would let me let the students have access to the audio/video, Allow me to rearrange it and allow the students to submit material such at redos. Thanks.


What about creating albums on facebook? Alternatively, google drive?


You could also set up your own website… Isn’t so difficult and gives you total control


There is a website called voicethread that is set up to do what you are talking about.

You might also find youtube and google classroom are good. Google classroom is like google drive, but its much easier to manage for a class.


Nice idea. Could you list some free or reasonable priced hosting sites?
Google classroom? Voice thread? I’ll check them out. Thanks.


Hmm… Google classroom says it is only available to not for profit schools and not yet open to the general public. I work for a school but it is a cram school which I guess is for profit. Can I still sign up anyway?


Yeah, I just went there and clicked “Create class” and got this:

Coming Soon

[“under construction” symbol]

Creating classes isn’t available to everyone yet. Check back soon.

Want to be able to create a class sooner? Let us know


I thought, “Dang, my reputation must have preceded me.” But you’ve explained the reason they won’t let me in. Thanks for that.

I just wanted to check it out.


I’m surprised to hear that because I signed up very easily. But I guess now that my school might have paid for it. If you were not logged into google when you git that message i would try logging in and giving it another try.


OK just checked and yes the school has to open an account. Sorry, I didn’t realise that. As for voice thread that is definetly accessible. Its free for a limited number of student accounts and you have to pay after that.


OK… it says “school”. It says “Non Profit School” We got a cram school, doesn’t make much profit but I guess it’s still “profit” can I register it.

The service is “free” to not for profit schools. But, the way I understand it, all schools here are “for profit”. One relative who is a public school teacher still gets pressured to sign up new students. Same when she worked for a private school.

Anyway, I’m tempted to continue signing up under the cram school name and see what happens. If caught, I’ll say my English is no good.

I’m still looking for a way to share and allow the kids to add files. This GEPT round is over. I have some time to come up with something for the next round. It will be a month before the kids get their scores.
This is really an informal group that encompasses my daughter, her friends who attended our cram school.

Face book is not the easiest because of the video conversion. And my students would have to e-mail me the mp3 if they wanted to submit something from home and I would have to convert it first.
I really don’t want to spend an hour or two converting files.

Format: Class practice. I’d edit it and produce two versions the first try and the final try.
If the kid is not satisfied or can’t come into group practice, I’d like kid to be able to submit their corrected or make up version.

I’d like to be able to comment on it as well as let students comment on each other.
I’d like to organize it by subject/lesson then by time.
Facebook organization is really tricky. To post a group of exercises for students for one session, I have to post it in reverse order. That too is annoying. And if I make a mistake, I have to delete everything and repost.
Some of you suggested albums. Video albums seem almost invisible to the cell phone.
To access the video album, I had to find a drop down menu that was also hard to get to. I don’t think my kids would like to bother.

OK, I need a hosting site that will require little work like Google Classroom or some great navigation lessons on setting up YouTube or Face book for this purpose.
Or, I could take up the suggestion of creating my own website. In that case I need some templates and tutorials as well as a good site recommendation.


I did mention google drive earlier. My clients make daily recordings on their phones, share it to a google doc that we both have access to. Easy peazy.


That would be a solution but can a disinterested Taiwanese student handle it.
I’d have to teach them to upload and to be on the same page as the class members, post the link into the facebook page.
I’ll do a dry run or two.


PM me your email and I’ll help you.[quote=“The_Seeker, post:12, topic:158841, full:true”]
That would be a solution but can a disinterested Taiwanese student handle it. I’d have to teach them to upload and to be on the same page as the class members, post the link into the facebook page. I’ll do a dry run or two.