Language exchange Beijing or China

What’s the comparable in China to forumosa? Tealit? How can I find an online chat language exchange person from Beijing or China?

I’m pretty sure Beijing is in China.


Beijing is in West Taiwan. In the renegade province of Hebei.


I thought Tealit was Taiwanese. I don’t know of any comparable forums specifically for China. There used to be Shanghai Expat and Nanjing Expat, but I think they’ve both closed down (or were closed down), which is a shame because the former in particular was pretty good.

Maybe try the Facebook groups for Beijing and/or China. There are a few I think.

No. Tealit was successful. :whistle:

No idea - don’t think I’ve ever used it. The homepage seemed pretty Taiwan-focused when I went to it before writing that, but maybe I’m thinking of another site.

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Chat forums like Forumosa are mostly banned in China. TEALIT is Taiwan.

Join international chat forums and groups and use language exchange apps and seek people from Beijing or China. A lot of people from Beijing and China are outside of China and are looking for language exchange partners in forums and groups and apps.

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Think the easiest way is to do language exchange with someone from The 50 Cent Party, they are on all platforms at all times. Just leave a comment or post asking a friendly question, about where Beijing is situated in Taiwan and they will appear from nowhere.


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