Language Exchange - English/Chinese

Hi! My name is Steven. I’m 26 years old, from the US, and a native English speaker. I’m going to Chinese Language program at TaiDa. I’m looking for someone to do a language exchange with. I’ll teach/practice English with you, and you teach/practice Chinese with me. I’ve been studying Chinese for a few years.

i would like to be the language exchange partner :smile:

Hi Will! Where abouts do you live? Do you think you could meet at TaiDa? How often do you want to meet?

acutally i lived in tainan not taipei
if u want we can exchang instargram or fb

Hey Will. Sorry for the delayed response. Do you have Line? My ID is

Hi!welcome to T’Ai-Wan ,I live in Taina two night,Do you want exchange ,My line is bu5015205 or you have I’d?