Language for Single Certificate and CCRD?

I am Manuel from Switzerland.

I need your advice about getting married to my Taiwanese gf.

I need to submit a single certificate and a sort of no criminal record paper.

No problem to get them, they have to be translated into Chinese. Isn’t english not good enough ?? Then authendicated by the same person who translated them, correct ??. Then they have to be stamped by the Taiwanese office here in Europe. So far so good.

Now I read here, that those translated, authendicated and stamped documents have to be authendicated again by the MOFA. Is that correct and if so why ??
It seems it is quite expensive to marry internationally …

To my knowledge, English language documentation is perfectly acceptable.

If your documents were in German, Italian, French, etc. then yes I would expect that translations would be needed. But I am unaware that at the present time Taiwanese government agencies do not accept English language documentation.

As for stamping/certification, yes any documentation from overseas must be “certified” by the nearest Taiwan Representative Office, and then (when brought to Taiwan) re-certified at MOFA.