Language Programs with Dorms

I am out of the loop as far as Chinese schools are here.

My parents want to send my teenage brother here for a summer to study Chinese–are there any Chinese-language programs that provide dorms? Or do you have to find your own place? He won’t be living with me.

Our beloved Fujen Catholic University in Hsinchuang offers dorms (I hear the foreigner ones for the language center are much nicer than even the foreigner one for grad students, too! air conditioning and other perks). Plus, the campus is really beautiful – kind of like NTU only I think nicer in some ways. Transportation to Taipei is not that bad – lots of direct buses.

I think the charge for dorm rooms is something like NT$5000 or so per month for a single with A/C.

You can visit the Language Center web site to learn more. As they put it:
[color=blue][i]Language Center
The Language Center of Fu Jen Catholic University was established in the winter of 1964, and became an affliliated institution of the University.
The Center offers courses in Mandarin training from beginning Chinese to advanced studies in Classical Chinese. For intermediate and advanced levels the study materials are selected and arranged according to the individual interests and needs of the students. An important feature of the Chinese language program is the “Cultural Studies Program” which consists of a series of seminars and lectures on Chinese history and culture which are offered twice a month from November to June. It confers no degree, but has a strong training program aiming at both proficiency and practicality.

With 30 excellent faculty members, the Center seeks to attract a multi- national student body to the university. At present, approximately 140 students from 30 countries are enrolled in Center.

Tel : ( 02 ) 2902 - 0992 Fax : ( 02 ) 2902 - 0981
Web Site : [/i][/color]

IMHO it is neither better nor worse than any of the other schools, and the campus IS really nice. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the lead. While I love the thought of him NOT living within a five-mile radius of me, my brother is 17 and won’t have a diploma. Do you know of any other summer programs that don’t have age limits and don’t require at least high school diplomas?

You might be able to get him into Fujen depending on the circumstances…particularly if you have any kind of ties to the Catholic Church… :laughing:

However, H.S. diploma-less people are pretty much limited to the “other” schools: TLI, China Language Institute, whatever it is they call “Black Flag” these days, and others I can’t remember. Of this bunch, I’d probably pick either China Language or TLI. There are lots of threads discussing the relative merits of these. But if he needs a dorm, you might check Fujen and see if something could be “worked out”. There’s no scholarship or diploma involved so maybe…???