Language School Near Zhongshan Domestic Airport?

I’m looking for a chinese school somewhere near the ZhongShan Domestic airport. I’ve been studying at Taipei Main, but the commute is starting to make me crazy. I’ve walked around my neighborhood, but without luck. Still, if it’s anything like my current school, I’d cruise right past it…

Also, out of cruiosity, is there a web page that indexes and rates Chinese schools here?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Do you mean Songshan Airport?

Oh! :blush: I do. This should be an indication fo just how desperately I need those lessons.

Not super close, but it might be more convenient than Taipei Station:

China Language Institute
F1, No. 4, Lane 90, An-He Road, Sec. 1, Taipei

Marginally. :slight_smile: I may just have to face up to the fact that I live in a language school dead zone.