I thought i’d share a link a friend sent me to a website made by an expat in the mainland who draws comics about his experience with the people there.

Is there something similar for Taiwan?

LOL that time saving T-shirt is classic!!!

There are some really great comic strips on that site. If there was something like this for Taiwan I would imagine the content would be very similar. Taiwan and China aren’t that different.

Funny stuff.

I thought the Fcom crowd would rip these apart. Glad that didn’t happen. Some are quite good.

Pure unadulterated cynicism has its own beauty. I liked #48.

The answer everyone wants: lensless glasses!

Despite my smiling face, I’ve often been at the receiving end of the situation in #35 (“Laowai death stare”) and could never understand it.



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Driving advantage: None. :laughing:
This guy is funny. Even little details like the characters’ names…Xu Xu and Wang Wang Wang.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: