Lap dancing in Taiwan

L.A. Bans Lap Dancing at Strip Clubs and what a prude Puritan country that USA has become, compared with open in your face strippers here in Taiwanersville. Right? They still do it in Tainan I heard. Kaohsiung has YES, no?

But look what the judgies in LA did: six feet distance! that aint no lap dance, is it omni?

The City Council has voted to ban lap dances and all other physical contact between entertainers and customers at strip clubs, bikini bars and adult bookstores.

A “no-touch” rule would require dancers to remain at least ////six feet///// from customers - even when dancers are tipped. The council also voted Tuesday to outlaw “VIP rooms,” where nude dancers perform privately.

The ordinance now goes to Mayor James Hahn for his signature and could go into effect as early as next month. Hahn has said he will sign the bill.

Under the law, strip clubs must hire a state-licensed security guard and undergo an annual permit review. Violations would be punishable by up to six months in jail and up to $2,500 in fines.

Attorney Roger Jon Diamond said he planned to file a lawsuit challenging the ordinance’s language and how it was adopted. Exotic dancers argued at previous hearings that the ordinance would destroy their livelihood.

Supporters of the law argued that strip clubs contribute to prostitution, drug use and violence.

Supporters of the law argued that strip clubs contribute to prostitution, drug use and violence.[/quote]

Sounds a hell of alot like the Clinton Oval Office. :laughing:

What an appalling infringement of people’s civil liberties! How I detest conservative bigots like that Mayor Hahn who abuse the powers of their office by imposing their narrow-minded prudish values on everyone else.

It reminds me of what Police Chief Lim did in Manila many years ago, when I was in the habit of making regular trips there for R&R. After being used to doing the rounds of the bars and enjoying a delightful range of nude dances and erotic performances, I was hugely disappointed to find that Lim had initiated a vigorous crackdown on such entertainment, and none of the girls dared to uncover for fear of being caught in one of the raids and hauled off to jail. What on earth was the point? It just spoiled everyone’s fun and didn’t do an ounce of good. And it certainly didn’t do ANYTHING to discourage prostitution – in fact, it probably even increased it, because with no kind of stimulating entertainment provided to accompany the drinking in the bars, guys had little choice but to take girls away to somewhere private if they wanted or needed a fix of the jollies.

We always called it I&I. :laughing:

I&I? Intercourse and inebriation?

We always called it I&I. :laughing:[/quote]

Indulgin’ and Imbibin"?


The rastafarian for “us”?

or "Illegal and Immoral?

an eye for an eye?

I&I? Intercourse and inebriation?[/quote]

Close. :smiley: Intercourse and Intoxication! :laughing:

Eye wuss wrong.