Laptop Disconnects Randomly

My ACER Aspire Timeline has recently started DCing at random intervals. It stays connected to my router but has “limited connectivity”, but my desktop is fine. If I disconnect from my router via Win7 and then reconnect, it is fine again. Anyone know why it would do that? It does the same on the network at school FYI. I dunno if my network card is on the blink. If it is, what can I do? It’s still under warranty and Win7 is a fresh install. It was fine for a week after the clean install then started playing up. DCs every 15 minutes.

Well…you can try to check if you can upgrade your wireless driver for example…

If you have an Atheros Wi-Fi card like I do in mine, then these are the latest drivers available and the one you want is the Version WHQL ones, as the Version WHQL drivers don’t appear to have support for the Wi-Fi card at least in my model for some odd reason.
The problem is, you might have a Broadcom or Intel Wi-Fi card and I don’t know which model it would be in that case and you’d have to check the control panel.
Acer’s “latest” driver on the other hand is nigh on a year old…

It does have an Atheros. When I installed Win7 it showed under device manager. Now it doesn’t. I just installed the drivers and it works fine, although there is still an entry for some kind of PC communication device that has no driver and I dont know how to fix it as the properties tab has no info. Thanks for the advice people.

Might be Infra…?
Or do you have bluetooth device with the driver ?

I know a very good website to detect everything in your computer and offer you to directly download or update the drivers.
But it’s in french: … &v_forum=0

Should have a try tho.

You need to run in the installer first and uninstall the old drivers, then run it again and the new ones will install.

Also, did you install the correct Bluetooth 3.0 drivers? As Acer has a few options there too if I remember right.

Good advice - my brand new Nokia E72 plugged in to PC over wrote some software on Skype. Couldn’t talk to anyone till I reconfigured the settings.