Laptops on airplanes?

This is more like “Technology To and From Taiwan”, but…

There is a device that claims to power your laptop while on an airplane. The question I have is, how do you know if the seat/class/airline you’re flying will have whatever kind of plug you need to use it? Does anyone know if EVA’s “deluxe economy” class is a place where you can plug in your notebook, given one of these gadgets??

Does it need a plug?? I read something the other day about a new fuel-cell device which is just getting on the market. No idea whether it’s got enough juice for a laptop or not.

If it’s a plug-in gadget, you’d best call the airline and ask 'em directly.

Some of the airlines offer a power socket in the seat - kinda like the cigarette lighter in cars. Mostly available in 1st / business class.
I would expect that this gets rolled down to economy as the seat’s get replaced - so may take several years before it’s available in crush class.

Anybody know how I can find out whether EVA Air’s deluxe economy has this socket? I think that’s what I need to find out.

Why dont you call them and ask? I just flew EVA delux and couldnt find any plugs so just used the battery.

I’ve never seen the outlets in economy class on any airline. The last time I flew Eva Economy Deluxe last year, they did not have the plugs there. I believe it’s a business class and above only feature, and I doubt it will make it’s way to economy anytime soon.

The last time I looked only Business Class and above have plugs for laptops. And then they require you to have these special adaptor plugs to will fit your laptop with the powersource in your seat. They were selling you these special plugs on-board or in the airport. (These special plugs lessens the chance of accidental sparks or over-heating of the adaptors, thus causing fires.)

But, if you are really desperate to recharge your bateries–you could use that 110V powersupply that is usually reserved for shavers in the toilets. Recommend to do this when everyone is asleep,…

Hope this helps you.