Large ROC Flags in Taipei?

Where can I buy a large ROC flag in Taipei?

Yeah Ive been searching for a while too…

I remember asking the same question 2.5 years ago. But I checked my posts from back then, and the thread seems to be gone :s

Anyway, apart from the suggestion to pick them off any fence or cross roads during national holidays :smiley: , somebody suggested to check out the area south of Hsimenting, west-hand side of Zhonghua Rd. There are a couple of shops there selling flags etc. and that’s where we found what we were looking for…


You could have had any amount of them in October (Double Ten)

My only question (and it’s largely rhetorical, so feel free to ignore me) is ‘WHY?’


stationery stores in chung li used to sell them … i’m not suggesting that you run out there to get one, but maybe the stationery stores near you?

they have (had) different sizes …

Does it look like this?

Just kidding. You could get one on line.

I think it would be cool to have an ROC flag.

I popped in to the Zhongyang Flag Shop at No. 6, Section 2, Changsha Street, Taibei to ask about KMT flags. It is just off Zhonghua Road on the Wanhua side. They told me they have KMT flags in various sizes in stock. A table-top-sized flag costs about NT$200, they said. Of course they also sell ROC flags, as do a number of other easy-to-spot flag and trophy shops in the same neighbourhood.

(See Taiwan Ho thread on KMT flags)

I found an excellent flag store at Shemen Din. As you look at the large TV billboard which is a feature at the entrance, stay to the left. You’ll see a small police station keep walking down that diagonal street to the left of the police station. No turns or crossing of streets. It’s on the same sidewalk as the police station but just further down the street about 3/4 block. You’ll see a small Taiwan flag hanging on a pole. The store is right there. It has flags, large and small, from most countries. They even had the small stick on type flag decals but specialize in the large variety.

Ximending. Same area I was talking about above.

Ximending. Same area I was talking about above.[/quote]
And I!

Thanks. I wasn’t sure but I am now. It really is a great shop.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure but I am now. It really is a great shop.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure but I am now. It really is a great shop.