Large sized shoes?

my shoes are getting too old. any specific places that you know for sure carry size 12 sports/athletic shoes?

every place i venture into seems to top out at 10.5.


I had my shoes made for me at the Shihlin night market. Before that I always bought a few pair whenever I went home to the USA.

I have found many size twelve. RT mart 2. Nike shop beside Starbucks.
Timberland has boots up to size 13. Near Ikea. Tiemu has size 12 docs. Levies shop.

Most shoes tha are size 12 are bloody ugly. I have not found a pair that I like.

Good luck. Let me know if you ever find any. I have the same problem.


my pair of timberland hiking boots are my only “presentable” shoes. all i really need is a pair of trainers to last me my last month here or so.

I buy all of my leather shoes at home, because of lack of availability/ugly styles here.

Athletic shoes in a size 12 are incredibly easy to find. Go to SOGO. Go to Mitsokoshi, go to most any athletic shoe store. You’ll find them there in a wide variety of styles, and in your size.

The shoes in Taiwan are usually according to Japanese sizes or European sizes or 10 times the Japanese size.

Here’s a chart of shoe sizes where you can look up your shoe size to find the equivalent Japanese size and European size. According to the chart, US size 12 is Japanese size 30 and European size 46.5.

I disagree with Tomas. My shoe size is US 10 / Japan 28 / Europe 44, and I’ve noticed that my shoe size is usually the largest size of shoes that are sold in Taiwan. And slippers and sandals often only go up to US 9 / Japan 27 / Europe 42.5.

Tienmu - up the block past Fridays. Check the alleys on your right side. Bought size 13s there for years.


Do you have an address for the Timberland place?..I’m a 13

Finding shoes is SUCH a hassle :imp:

Fridays in Tian Mou is gone. It’s now a Hollywood Fitness-Center.

Tonight my bf took me to this shoe store in Yung Ho called, you guessed it, Big Foot Harry.

Harry sells the following brands, for very very low prices, in a wide variety of sizes and styles for men and women.
(Quiet Mountain, I bet Harry even has your size!)

9 West
Canyon River Blues
Eddie Bauer
Kenneth Cole

I bought two pairs, one pair of Softspots walking shoes, and a pair of nice Clark sandals. I spent $2500.
My bf bought three pairs: Merrills, Bass, and Tevas. He spent $4500.

Harry is a ‘sample’ shop. He gets like one or two pairs of shoes in one size only, but he has a broad range of sizes, brands and styles, especially BIG ONES and all of the shoes are top quality leather name brands that you’d find for much higher prices in department stores.

He’s located at No. 5 Ju Lin Road in Yung He, near the corner of Yung He Road. You can call him to see what brands he has in your size:

He opens from 130pm to 1030pm daily, except for Wednesdays.
New shipments arrive each week. Supposedly, he’s one of Taipei’s best kept shoe secrets.

FYI–Harry’s stuff is suitable for sporty folks, or foreigners, as they’re unembellished, well-made brand shoes available in larger sizes, if needed.

@@And he sells nothing with pointy toes or shiny bows on them for women. Bless him!

I’m down to my last pair of size 12.5 tennis shoes…

I’m down in Yangmei, but more than desperate enough to wade through the traffic snarls of Yonghe…

Could you give me a rough idea on how to get there?..I’ll take either the Yonghe exit of the Second Freeway or go through Taipei if I have to…

Alien, you have just MADE my day! Thanks!

You should have no trouble finding shoes in your size. Call him first to see what he may have available brand-wise. Remember his opening times are funny (130 to 1030pm) and he’s closed on Wednesdays.

This Ju Lin Road shop is almost at the intersection of Yong He Road. Yong He Road is the one that crosses Chung Cheng Bridge into Taipei. I don’t know how else to direct you except that it’s not far at all from Taipei. It’s NOT in the bowels of Yong He at least, it’s on the edge, near the breakfast shops along Yong He Road.


Done some asking and I know right where it is…Will be hitting this place on Monday with a vengence!

Thanks again for posting this…My two pairs of shoes (1995 Timberlands and a motheaten pair of New Balance’s) can finally hit the dumpster!!!


Can we get to this place by MRT?

Yeah. Get off at that first MRT stop in Yung Ho (is it Ding Xi?) and walk back up to Ju Lin Rd. I suppose it’s about a 5 min walk, or less.

hey there… is there any one out there that can help me find size 45-46 ( american 12) shoes? i’m looking for court shoes and a maybe some fun shoes… adidias, reef, dc etc… help me… i left all my shoes at home
thanks :astonished:

… so you’re the guy I saw running around down town bare-foot :wink:

There’s a shoe store with a big sign saying “Big Shoes” on Tianmu East Rd., just after turning right into the street when coming up Zhongshan North Rd. Sec. 6 towards the Tianmu circle. No idea whether they really do sell big shoes, but maybe worth a try … Good luck, Xpet.

thanks for the info xpet…
is there any one in that neck of the woods that knows if that store actually does sell larger shoes for men? i’m out in xhi zhi and it would be a long trip if it was for nothing…
thanks for any help you could give me

buddahian, I live close by, I’ll try to stop by this coming weekend and let you know. Xpet.

others have said it before me and i am saying it now… you’re the best xpet
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