Large sized shoes?

I hate to correct you, but nobody has said any such thing before, NOBODY, NOOBOODYYYYYY !!! :cry: :blush: :cry:

buddahian, just stopped by the shop I mentioned and it seems they do indeed specialize in larger sizes. The women said she has shoes up to US size 16, no idea what that would be converted to european sizes, but she showed me a european 49.5 (looked like a boat to me!) which said “US 14”, so 16’s gotta be pretty darn big … :astonished: The shoes looked ok to me, pretty stylish for such big loafers, actually :wink:

The shop is called “Big Shoes” (大腳合利) and you’ll find it at Zhong Shan Bei Lu, Sec. 6, No. 820 (中山北路6段820號), Tel. 02-2872-4201. As I said before, it’s actually around the corner, not directly on Zhong Shan Bei Lu, I’m sure you’ll find it. Good luck, Xpet.

thanks a bunch x-pet
maybe now i can cover my toes for a change
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Here’s a good website for shoe size conversion. It only goes up to US size 14, but that’s probably big enough for most of us.

I wear a U.S. size 10 shoe and want to buy flats here. I have tried a few stores but when I ask for the largest size they bring out something that it definately too small for my feet. I am looking for colorful/semi-dressy flats. Please help!

Hi Eek, take a look at this thread where I posted some info on a shoe-shop specializing in larger sizes:

Good luck, Xpet.

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anyone know of a store that carries big shoes, specifically big hiking shoes?

thanks everyone and anyone:)


[quote=“gager”]anyone know of a store that carries big shoes, specifically big hiking shoes?
I just got a new pair of hiking boots at one of the three or four outdoor gear shops on Chungshan N. Rd, just up from the intersection of Chunghsiao E. Rd.
These babies were around NT$8,000 and they had a pair of at least size 46. Made in Germany, these are the Mercedes Benz of hiking boots. Lovely jubblies!

I wear a size a US size 14 (Eur: 48, 32cm) and I have found some places to buy shoes but nowhere for indoor sandals (slippers) you know the kind you can where socks with (not “thongs.”) I would settle for anything close, like a size 12 or 13.

Anybody know of a place in Taipei (or Taoyuan would be even better.)

Thanks in advance.

looking (albeit fruitlessly I am sure) for somewhere in Taiwan, that sells or can get a hold of womens shoes 11 and 12 US sizes.

I have been having shoes shipped over for 3 years but still keep hoping that one day the shoe fairy will appear here.

If you know of anywhere or have any suggestions please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi s_r,

read through [url= thread and you should find what you’re looking for … good luck, Xpet.

xpet thank you … I have been through the entire thread and replies already but it appears the large shoe dilemma, or the findings are for mens shoes not womens.

thanks anyways! I see you are the wealth of knowledge for everyone … you are no doubt a god sent for many! :slight_smile:

Hi s_r,

we recently passed by shop and went inside to buy kids shoes (small ones … :wink:), they seem to have women’s shoes in large sizes as well, maybe worth a try … ? Xpet

Have you tried some of the higher end shops, La New, Aso or even Birkenstock. I have size 11 and Aso actually had shoes that I could try on. La New offered to order some more me when they did not have my size.

It’s hit and miss when I go to the shoe market.(I don’t think it’s actually called that) It’s directly across from Star Cinema not far from the post office. There is a colorful arch (half-cirlce) entry way. It’s open late and I have found shoes there before.

Good luck.

I found a great store in Yung Ho called Big Foot Harry, located at Ju Lin Rd #5, Ph:89278570, or 89288992. All big sizes, even up to size 17. Prices are reasonable and the shoes are all name brand imports. Thanks for all the tips that I received.

There’s a store on Nanking East Road and Long Jiang Road, it’s where the China Airlines building is, well, right across it there’s a store that specializes in large size menwear, however I don’t know if they have shoes, but you can check it out.

Also check this thread:

I hope you find want you want. Good luck.

While I don’t think that they have shoes big enough for you, La New has some big size shoes. However, the shoe size they are marked is about two sizes too small. So, for me, a size 9 1/2 is fine even though I wear a US size 11 1/2. It might be worthwhile to try the largest shoes on even when the clerk says there’s no size 13.

There’s a shoe store not far from the corner of Chang-An and Chilin (near Hsinsheng Rd) and on the sign it says large sizes available. On Chang-An East Rd. from Chihlin walk towards Sunjiang Rd and it is just a few doors down near a police station. Never bought anything there but that’s what the sign says anyway.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. Interlocutor,

twocs, I tried La New already and they don’t make shoes in my size. Thanks anyway though.