Las Vegas or Los Angeles?

I am hoping to get some words from people who have lived in both places. If you had to move to either Las Vegas or Los Angeles (well, Maybe San Francisco… still waiting for an answer on that one) which would you move to. Why?
My information on both places is quite limited.

San Diego.

No sailing in Vegas.

Why did my spell check change Las to Los?

No job offers in San Diego.

Where in Los Angeles? That’s a pretty huge area.

Are you moving? Or is it for a friend?

alidarbac, I’m not sure.
belgian pie, me. I am working on getting back the the states.

Wow! … is everybody moving out … don’t leave me alone out here … my wife just left for China this morning, she is working there now for a Taiwanese company … :frowning:

Anyways … SF is nice, but in winter too cold and humid? Santa Monica, Santa Barbara … Las Vegas I don’t know, it’s so … hot

I haven’t been to either place, but I would suggest Las Vegas, because its the fastest growing city in America, its dynamic and more likely to have other opportunities without having to relocate within the same city.

It also has less pollution (and I think less crime), although being casino city, there may also be a more superficial aspect to it. (oops, we are talking about the U.S. here)

I think also you’re likely to see greater future capital appreciation in property in Las Vegas, and the better areas will probably still be cheaper than Los Angeles.

Overall, I’d choose it because I’m a young opportunist.

yuck, what a choice :frowning:

Hot isn’t an issue for me. I’m from the deep south (La., Tx., and Mexico)

In Las Vegas everything revolves around the gaming industry, whereas in L.A. is one of the largest cities in the USA.

From a career standpoint I would prefer L.A. unless you know you want to work in the gaming industry and the ancillary fields.

I hear Chinese New Year is a lot better in Las Vegas these days. Rich Asian whales go there to do the traditional gambling to kick off the New Year.

I think L.A. is the better choice. I lived in Buena Park, Carson, and La Verne while going to Magic School. There’s lots to do: Hollywood City Walk, Disneyland, Knotts, beaches, huge shopping malls…and of course… the Magic Castle
And if you feel the urge to lose a few hundred bucks, Vegas is driving distance and makes a great weekend getaway.

I am in Vegas right now, and was in LA at the start of the week. Never been to either before. Impressions: -
Vegas does exactly what it says on the box. It looks like you see it on the TV and everything is gaming and/or sex related

L.A. is huge and I was only in Beverly Hills/Hollywood. It looks tired and run down which amazed me. You have to drive everywhere and traffic can be a complete bitch.

For quality of life (and if limited to the 2 cities) I would probably look at Vegas but if you have a reason for wanting to be in the 2 cities (i.e. fame and fortune) then LA may be the better choice.

I was in SF a few years ago and it was beautiful, that would be my choice.

BTW, Happy Birthday!

There’s no state income tax in Nevada. I think they drive pretty crazy in Las Vegas though–that tunnel drive by the airport scares the hell out of me.

I think Vegas won. I was looking at rooms via craigs list. In vegas I can live in a nice house for 500 a month. In LA i can live in a shack for 900 a month. I have student loans to think about. Vegas it is.

Apply for more jobs!

Vegas isn’t all that safe a place. Lots of crime. It’s farkin hot there. Big sex industry. Isolated from other parts of America.

San Franciso sounds like the best option. I’d move there in a heartbeat!

At least the OP won’t have to worry about finding a piece of tail!

True, it is isolated, but the airport’s got flights everywhere.

How long is the drive between LA and Vegas?

Depends where in LA you are…

I reckon its about 5 hours.

And about 15 hours to Denver, which lies to the East.