Las Vegas popularity

I really hope this does not come off as sarcastic, but this weekend I went to Las Vegas and Chinese New Year celebrations were in full swing. There was a huge influx of Asian tourist - Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, etc. Additionally most of the table dealers were Asian, primarily Chinese and Filipino (the name tags listed their home home country). I am just curious, is Las Vegas advertised as a popular vacaion spot in Taiwan/other parts of Asia? Thanks

Of course, gamblers from Asia are, if I am not mistaken, the biggest gamblers in Vegas now. I know Japanese were at the top in Vegas, but since the economy bust I am not sure anymore. I even remember a couple of years ago when mainlanders were getting busted when they went back home gambling millions that the were not supposed to be making.
My wife’s family and their friends go to Vegas a couple of times a year and everything is free including flight except for the gambling.
Just go to any Baccarat table that has high stakes an you will see. Last time I was there (love the place) I watched a bacarrat game in the Bellagio with 3 Chinese men playing and the minimum bet was $20,000 US.

When I went to Vegas there was alot of asians, but also french, germany, etc… the place has so much to offer to people of all ages. I can’t wait to go back there.

Is gambling legal in Taiwan? I know that I have an uncle and a cousin who are in serious financial straits for gambling, but I have never asked if it was permitted?

Oh yes… I am still recovering.

True. As an example, I read an article a while back saying the biggest “whale” (high stakes gambler) was an Australian.

Vegas is also very rinao or lively to Asians. Most of the United States, even New York City, can seem boring or even dead and void of people compared to places like Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka, Seoul and Tokyo. By the way, Europe can seem even more asleep than the USA to many Taiwan people, case in point early shop closings. Granted, most likely the biggest draw is the gambling, but I just want to also point out the lights and the open all night atmosphere.

Vegas is set to fight an uphill battle, as Macau is upgrading its gambling industry in a big way. In fact, several Vegas casinos are investing big money in projects there. But I can see the appeal of heading to a completely foreign place like Vegas to squander away money gambling, so even if Macau has the best facilities in the world, Vegas will maintain a strong following, since it has so much to offer besides gambling.

That’s an interesting question. I sometimes see on TV that police would raid houses for high stake gambling, but then my auntie was at this big majong tournament, and you would think that’s legal cause it’s a big event. :s

i’m pretty sure gambling is illegal in taiwan. that’s why they killed all the video game arcades in taipei, i believe. :frowning:

i’m not sure if they’ll ever be able to recreate vegas in macau. no doubt they’ll have tons of asian customers because of the location, but there’s a certain mystique to vegas. from elvis to the rat pack, vegas has a history contructed for it by hollywood.

most of the large vegas casinos have people on staff who speak mandarin to deal with their frequent chinese-speaking customers. most huge taiwanese pop singers who tour the us also perform there. i know jay chou just had a vegas concert a few months back. if you want to see lots of asians in vegas, go during thanksgiving or christmas. while the rest of the southern california region is at home with family, asians are boarding buses to go gambling. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Flipper”]I’m pretty sure gambling is illegal in Taiwan. that’s why they killed all the video game arcades in Taipei, I believe. :frowning:


You need to get out of Taipei more often. They have pachinko parlors and video arcades all over the place - Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, gambling is out in the open.