Laser Eye Surgery

Have you had or considered having laser eye surgery?

  • I had it done, my eyesight is much better and I’m very happy I did it.
  • I had it done and am only moderately happy with the results.
  • I had it done and it was a big mistake. If I could go back I wouldn’t do it.
  • I’m considering having it done.
  • I wear glasses/contacts and there’s no way I’d do it.
  • My vision’s perfect; I’m just curious to check out the poll.

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I know there have been other threads on the subject, but none with a poll as far as I know, so pardon me for this new thread.

As for me, I never wore glasses till I was 30 (too much reading in Uni maybe?). I realized I needed them when watching a movie on TV and my roommate could read the subtitles no problem and I couldn’t. I then realized it was difficult for me to read highway signs from a distance. But I never liked wearing the glasses, so I stopped after a year or two of occassional use.

I’m now 45 and haven’t put on the glasses in years, but I know my eyesight’s not that great for distances. I have trouble reading powerpoint presentations and bus numbers. So lately I’ve wondered about eye surgery. I really dislike glasses (I don’t like jewelry either, don’t like having things hanging on my body, especially delicate things that can get scratched, dirty, steamed up, etc.) but it would be great to have perfect vision.

Before I have surgery, though, I’ll probably try contacts just to see what it’s like having great eyesight. I’ve never had them and my wife tells me it’s easy to go in the store have a machine test your eyes and buy the right lenses. The idea of sticking my finger in my eye bothers me too, but I guess it’s not as extreme as having your eyeballs scorched by a laser beam.

My wife had it done about five years ago, and she’s happy with it. She used to wear thick coke-bottle glasses, now she sees better than I do. She does say that if she uses the computer for too long her eyes will get tired, but it’s not a big deal.

Definitely get some other people’s opinions, as it is a very big decision.

I’d like to have laser eyes.

My vision has followed about the same pattern as MT’s, although I do wear glasses when driving and for movies, powerpoint presentations, etc. I tried contacts but they bothered my eyes and it took me ages to stick them in. I’ve thought a lot about laser surgery, but will probably wait another decade or so in case my vision keeps changing.