Laser hair removal and cosmetic treatments

After a trial and Error attempt at many small clinics around the Tainan area in an effort to get rid of some unwanted body hair, I finally found one that worked. It had great equipment, a friendly almost bilingual speaking staff and the beat most prices by at least 20% but for some of the more expensive procedures as much as 50% off.

They do everything from botox to peels, hair removal to hair transplants.

Most customers come down from Taipei or Taichung, spend the night in their hotel and get to enjoy Tainan for the night, relax in their spa and still save about 40% off when comparing to other cities, but especially for treatments like Anti-lax.

They have a website up in English now just click on the “English” button on the far right.


Good luck on your search, I know where I'm sending anyone who asks me.

Kind regards


I hate to bump this thread to the top, but it reaks of shamless self promotion. It reads like a an ad.

Anyway, anybody has any real experience with laser hair removal in Taiwan, preferably in Taipei?

Heck…I coulda done hair removal for ya with some duct tape and pair of tweezers. Useta use the honey& sugar method, but my assistant, Dr. Chung Bo Tox, kept using the scrappin’ in our tea and I got tired of spittin’ out them little short & curlies all over the place.

You’d of healed up real nice in a week or two…:smiley: