Laser-melted screen protector girls

There’s this place in central Taipei that always has a long line of people to have them put on a screen protector. It’s not just any screen protector; they melt it on with a laser and it sorta becomes part of your phone. It can still be taken off, but with effort.

The coolest part is that it looks and feels like you don’t have one - seamless. Amazing.

All girls, for some reason. Not sure if coincidental.

But… You are required to leave your phone with them, remove passwords since they need to keep the phone brightness max during the process, and need to be able to find the ID to verify phone ownership. This part is sketchy.

…do they really need this, though? Gmail is not password protected; the gateway to all your password resets. Your photo gallery. Maybe even your Bitcoin. This may be paranoia talking, but if they were to collect info and wait to use it way later, you’d never know it was them.

Thoughts on this service?

Sketchy - why would phone ID be needed to apply a screen protector.

Even in if it is legit, who knows what else the Laser might melt.

Forget it.

Ah I mean the id to ensure the phones don’t get mixed up, it’s to prove the same phone was given back. Liability I suppose. I guess this part makes sense.

Maybe for a new phone before I put anything on it

It could just be badly thought out on their part or dodgy, do they/you sign anything for responsibility and privacy protection?

Having a laser on the screen is not good, we use high power Uv LEDs in our industry and always recommend keeping phones and tablets away from them.

I can put your phone case into my CO2 laser cutter if you want stuff burned onto your phone case. Don’t need the phone, a case will do.

You would only need to have your own Lock Screen image. Absolutely no reason to have your phone unlocked with access to everything. They could even put a sticker on the back with your name and number.


If they were scamming, they’d probably back the phone up and steal all the data later, or replace the phone with a poorly-repaired broken one. This happened to my Dad, he went to a phone repair place, they “lost” the phone, gave him another one, then his credit cards were mysteriously used online.

More likely is they check the phone for nudes or something.


Totally sketchy, no technical reason for this at all, and many other ways to handle the ownership tracking properly. :roll_eyes:

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