Last Fleming Bond novel made into a movie

I’m calling Quantum of Solace. I’m hearing Casino Royale.

Was ‘Quantum of Solace’ a Fleming book? I didn’t know that. If so, are you sure it wasn’t the title of a short story that they just used for the name ala ‘A View to a Kill’?

‘Casino Royale’ can’t count since it was made into that Peter Sellers farce in the 1960s decades before the Eon film. A movie is a movie, even if it isn’t canon.

I always thought they should’ve made ‘Colonel Sun’ into an Eon film. It was the first post-Fleming Bond novel and was quite decent compared to the later post-Fleming dreck which read like cheap parodies of the real thing.

Last movie. I’m aware of the David Niven spoof.

Yes, and I’m saying it can’t count due to the spoof. Unless you are just talking Eon films. Then it would be it, since QoS is a short story, not a novel.

Yeah, I’m backing down now. We’ve looked it up and Quantum of Solace isn’t a novel. Technically I could be wrong here.

Therefore it has to be Octopussy.

How about one last one to end the franchise

James Bond : License to Kill

Mission impossible movies have now out bond bond films so lay bond to rest

Why would they do that? The Bond series has more dogs in its long running series because it’s been around so long, but overall I still enjoy it much more than MI. The only MI entry I really liked was 4. Surprised no comparison to the Bourne series, which seems slightly more Bond like than MI, but that series seems to have ended (for now) I guess.

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