Last Minute CNY trips-SUGGESTIONS?

Ok, so I was going to go to Guam, but I guess a typhoon came and basically wiped out the island… so

Here is what I would like.

short trip (3-4 hours max flight)
safe (traveling with 2 children under the age of 2 and a pregnant woman, so good health care is a concern)
snorkeling/diving possibilities
accessable (in otherwords not complety booked up yet)

oh yeah and reasonable price would be nice…

I thought about heading back to Singapore, but they require a huge deposit to stay if you are pregnant…yeah right whatever…

Been to Phuket 3 times in the last 3 years…

Any suggestions?




if you like thailand you could try krabi, it’s a smaller, nicer, quieter place than phuket, cny is dry season there too.

Penang in Malaysia is nice and can be inexpensive.

Penghu? I heard that it is beautiful. I don’t know how many people go there though?

Bali? Beautiful, cheap, empty and, right now, about the safest place in the world!

I went scuba diving in Koh Samui. Not a bad place, and I contest to their hospital/clinic care as being very nice, as I feel very ill. Only thing though it is expensive by Taiwan standards, but a cheap compared to USA standards. Had a great hospital room with patio and garden view.

Be careful where and how you wash your regulator. I think I got sick from a dirty regulator.

Penghu might be crowded at Chinese New Year, but maybe not as it is a little chilly then. Could get boring after a week too.

Bali is probably safe now, and if you have never been, worth a try and the facilities are great for traveling with Children. Japan ain’t cheap and too cold for diving now. Never been to Penang, but Malaysia has a relatively high living standard and Penang should be good for children (just guessing). I have seen pictures of Krabi, looks wonderful, small island though, what about health care? Is that where they filmed the Beach or is that Koh Phi Phi? I heard the Simians are a great place to dive. Waters a little warm, watch out for sharks though.

Boracay is not bad, but not sure about health car on that tiny island. I also think the Muslim rebels are not too close by so no worries of kidnapping, I hope, anyone know?

Too bad about Guam seems like the ideal place for your situation. How long ago did the typhoon happen?

Whereever, you go, you better book you flight ASAP as I am guessing most locations are already booked up.

not an island in fact, it is on the mainland, though you are right, the beach area is not all that large. the town of krabi is not all that big, the closest hospital of international standard is in phuket, about a 2 hour drive. there are plenty of doctors and dentists in the town for minor stuff. the beach “beach” scenes were filmed at koh phi phi, but the “khao san rd.” scene was filmed in krabi town, as a matter of fact i was there when the filming was going on, I walked up to a used book store and wanted to buy a book when some foreigner came up and told me that they weren’t for sale, it was part of the set :slight_smile:

krabi is nice and quiet, no raucous nightlife if that’s your thing but everything else you could want.

Anyone know what possible destinations are left to travel to during Chinese New Year with seats empty still in the plane this close to departure and return time?


Not finding much luck ourselves… wait listed here and there, but I have heard that many of the package tours “close” next week so if nothing has been paid for, they will open up the seats. We are just waiting until the end of next week and will try to jump on a flight somewhere!

Good Luck, and if you find anything, let me know :slight_smile:

Malaysia. Nice place for a family. If it really has to be the west coast go to Langkawi instead of Penang but the east coast is much nicer. Tioman on personal recommendation or Pulau Redang (further up north).

However note that due to the high amount of Chinese in Malaysia (appr. 30% of the total population) they also do celebrate CNY and have 2 public holidays, thus expect highways to be jammed and Chinese owned businesses to be closed.