Last Minute Tax Returns: Any other muppets out there?

Why oh Why am I such a muppet. I’ve left my tax return until the last moment and it’s going to be horribly busy as opposed to the normal pleasant experience where they check all your workings out and are all fluffy…

I got mine done this afternoon in Kaohsiung. Gotta love Taiwan sometimes, I was expecting a long wait as well but I was helped as I walked in. Ten minutes later I was out the door.

Made my day, especially when they gave me the slip with the return amount. Return is good. :slight_smile:

Though the Hsinchu office looked like a chaotic mess - boxes and papers all over the place- the whole experience was relatively short and painless. They were actually polite and fixed all my mistakes on my return for me. I can’t imagine walking into a tax office in Canada and having someone help you get a larger tax refund.

I think the last day to do it is tomorrow. I’m going then. Wish me luck… :blush: . Not my fault though…just got my return two days ago.

I ALWAYS wait until the day after the deadline. There’s no penalty, and all the lines disappear. :smiley: I walked right up today and got mine done in 15 minutes. I’ve done this several years in a row, and they don’t even bat an eyelid or tell you that the deadline was yesterday or anything. I strongly recommend you all do the same next year!