Late night craving, any Arby's in town?

Well, me and my wife have this sudden craving for those tasty burgers with fat juicy baked potato with bacon crisp and sour cream on top…

Search on the web, no luck, I remember there were Arby’s in Taipei when i was young.

Any info is appreciate!

I’m pretty sure it’s gone now. Swensons is probably your best bet for late night burgers.

Where is where is it???

I am in Taipei!~~~hope it wont bbeee toooo far from where i lived

Dunhua Renai circle. NE quadrant.

There’s a 24 hr Swensons at Renai and Dunwha. Burgers,cheese potatoes, steaks, deep fried stuff, decent “american food.” Around 400nt for meal i think.

McDonald’s in Shilin is 24 hours now. It might just be the drive through at night.

I keep having these recurring dreams where I’m driving around town, and I find all these fast food joints I never new existed in Taiwan…

What if you don’t drive? Will they accept walk throughs?

The thing is, these 24 hour McDonalds -

They don’t serve hamburgers.

No, I’m serious. They serve apple pies and chicken nuggest, but no burgers. Very strange.

This is based upon personal experience. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. Drunk (well, what else is a normal person going to be up at 4 in the morning for?) and hungry, and no cheeseburgers? :fume: :fume: :fume:

eh… 7-11 have hot dogs!! I know I know, don’t flame me for this!! :blush:

I like those hot dogs! They save my life when I get home too late and there’s nothing to eat.



Never remember an Arby’s in Taiwan. I once had a roast beef at Hardees but they have been closed for years. Bangkok had Arby’s about 10 years ago but it went out of business. I used to always go there when arriving the city of angels. It seems that high quality fast food cannot survive here in Taipei. The locals are only willing to spend rock bottom prices on western fast food. Anybody remember the Ranch chicken outlet in downtown Taipei. I used to love that place but it closed after about a year in business. If only we had Carls Jr or Inn n Out burger here. Nice to dream.

I actally went to Carls Jr in Manilla but it was awful with the locals ruining it like they ruin most everything there.

Yeah, Panda. I remember that place. I think it was on Tunhua South Road between Xinyi and the Renai Circle (if I recall correctly). I thought Ranch One was great. They had wraps and good fries. Pretty cheap set meals, too.

I think the same space is now a “Cha for Tea” tea shop/restaurant. I haven’t been in this place.

There used to be a Wendy’s on the Renai Circle, too, but that was a while back.