Late night eateries

I work very late and often am looking for somewhere to eat after midnight in Taipei. I know: dim sum, congee, Swenson’s, Apocalypse and Capone’s. Any other suggestions

I love nightmarkets; but since you didn’t mention them, maybe you’re not into those.

Taipei’s a big place. Which part of town is best for you? The Zhongxiao-Dunhua area, or elsewhere?

Feichang Thai on Fuxing North Rd, just north of Minsheng Rd, is open until 2:00 am on weekends. The food is pretty good, the prices pretty high, and the service pretty bad. :sunglasses:

Fuxing Sth Rd, between about Heping and Renai has a bunch of 24 hour restaurants including breakfast restaurants.


Cranky: Nightmarkets are not my cup of tea, usually. Old hat. I live on Renai Rd. near Dunhua
Bu: That’s what I meant by congee 清粥小蔡
Mao: Great idea, I will try 非常泰 Feichang Tai :bow:

The Thai was good. We were the only customers because it was a weekday. :slight_smile:


We always get to Taipei late, and want some ideas for decent restaurants to eat at or districts/streets with plenty of places open late (as in we can arrive and have dinner around 11pm). Preferably somewhere near an MRT and some bars/nightlife, but we don’t want pub grub.


Liaoning Street, parallel to Fuxing North Road between Bade and Chang’an or almost as far as Nanjing, and about two lanes west, has some OK seafood and other local-style restaurants that stay open very late. Nothing flash at all, but passable enough in a noisy cheap local restaurant sense.

Also near the Liaoning St. Night Market, a few doors up from the Dante at the corner of Bade and Liaoning St., is the Matsu Noodle House, which I believe is open 24 hours. They make the best majiang (sesame sauce) noodles I’ve ever tasted.

And not to far from there, on Bade Rd., is Lin Dong Fang beef noodles, which is open until 4am. (But closed Sundays.)

Best beef noodles in Taipei! :thumbsup:

I dunno the name, but my favourite late night place is at Fuxing South Road, Section 2, No.106. No decor nor ambience to speak of, but hell, do they make excellent food. They even have lackeys to open your taxi door for you (Phillipine exploitees. I normally tip them a grand, but you don’t have to). Open all night/morning. Trust me, I’m no big fan of Taiwanese food, but they ROCK.
Edit: Not enough info, I suppose. It’s basically buffet style, but you don’t take the food yourself. You point to what you want and the laoban puts it into little metal containers and brings each portion to your table with a steamer underneath to keep it hot. Truly fine dining for the drunk/stoned. Approx 350NT$ per person if you’re being lavish. What you don’t eat get as take-away with lashings of rice.

U fricking tip them a thou to open your door? Man alive. They must think you are Saint Jimipresley.

I don’t tip them because they open my door, I tip them because I know that they are outside in the heat working for a pittance. And they are nice people. I go there once or twice a month, so no major outlay. Just one of my little charities.

Although a bit mainstream, NY Bagel is open 24-hours. It’s right on Ren Ai near AnHo rd, you walk on Ren Ai towards Yanji Rd (from AnHo) and it’s on the corner of the next alley. It’s a Western menu. They actually serve up a decent cheeseburger, complete with a normal bun (not the local sweet kind) that they toast up nicely.