Late Night TV Talk Shows


I still maintain that Conan is up there though.


Joe Rogan nails it as usual.

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Who knows, but it could have been worse…apparently Amy Schumer was in the running. :astonished:

Louis CK would’ve been awkwaaard when all that public masturbating stuff came out. Could’ve killed off TDS.

Yes, Schumer would’ve been terrible too. I like Chris Rock, but can’t picture him in the role. Amy Poehler is okay.

Yeah, he would’ve been a much better choice than Noah, but I can’t really see him wanting a full-time corporate gig like the Daily Show.

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Graham Norton is funny when his guests are funny. There are episode when it’s just a mess.

I thought this one is pretty funny. I also like his between the scenes.

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I only see Graham Norton and his guests via yt, so yeah cherrypicked, but he seems legit funny.

Chris Rock would probably excel late night. Ditto missing Ferguson on CBS.

Stewart’s retirement was a clear demarcation for me. TDS went straight into the crapper after that.

I don’t even understand Corden’s appeal.

Colbert can be funny at times, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves on to something else post-Trump.

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Soccer moms.

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The Colbert Report had its moments, but TDS (the other kind) has broken Colbert’s funny bone.

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Not even remotely funny…

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Dropping a wild card in Eric Andre:

Somewhat disturbing. Described as a comedic talk show from an alternate reality.

It’s not just about being funny. The American talk show hosts are all phony af with their stupid Hollywood political commentaries, Graham Norton doesn’t do that.

John Oliver is another good one and he’s not American either. (I was gonna say he’s British too then I remembered Norton’s Irish lmao)

Norton makes fun of Trump all the time. Not sure what you mean about commentaries, mocking politicians seem to be a late night staple.

From the way back machine, Space Ghost n Banjo.


Graham Norton makes fun of everyone. The trick is not being too slanted one way or the other. Otherwise you prioritize politics over laughs. Mock politicians, but don’t come in with an axe to grind.

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Norton’s set is more like Jay and Conan, he does one or two political ones, and then the rest are all topical celebrities jokes. Some people like that, that’s why some people like Fallon I guess. However, since Norton only does one or two political jokes per night, and his target audience aren’t American, every American political jokes he does is about Trump. So from a ratio of bashing perspective he is even more slanted.

I like what Jon Stewart said about not shying away from his own point of view. He is not a reporter. As long as he examines all politicians with the same standard, him agreeing more with what the democrats generally represents doesn’t really matter. I think John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight still does that pretty well.

My issue with Colbert on CBS is that the parent company’s interests are clearly creeping into his voice. When you no longer examine everyone by the same standard, you start to sound disingenuous.

Yeah, the difference is night and day. His ribbing of conservatives on the Colbert Report was good-natured and mostly funny. On the new show, his monologue is basically two minutes hate. I enjoyed the Colbert Report; I can’t even watch the Late Show.