Late taxes

Oops. Looking through my files I noticed I haven’t paid taxes this year. I have my tax form for the tax office. I’m going to go to the tax office this week. What will happen to me for doing the taxes late?

Oops two! I didn’t forget, but I’m reliant on various ex-employers who don’t give a shit to provide withholding certificates.

Now my work permit is up for renewal and, you got it, I have to produce my certificate to prove I’ve paid my taxes.

Went in on Friday and they ere a) very nice about it, and b) worse at arithmetic than you would believe possible. They are sure that they owe me money despite me not paying anything for the fist five months of full-time employment last year. What a country! You have to love it.

There was no problem for me to “pay” my taxes. But once I got home I chatted with a Taiwanese person and I realized I should have deducted my rent from my income. There’s a standard deduction, and also a “special deduction” for everybody to take. Also if you bring in your lease and can show that you paid it (bring in your bankbook), then you can also deduct your rent.

You can only deduct your rent if your landlord agrees. Usually they won’t, because they are not declaring your rent as income. My landlord told me that if I wanted to declare my rent, the rent would be raised 1,000 a month. I suppose when you leave, you could surprise your landlord by declaring the rent, but if you continue to live there, you usually can’t declare it.